Summer Adventure and Holidaying in Nepal: Things to do in Summer 2016

A life without love is like a year without summer.

Summer is playful! The rising temperature boils up the body, and the only solution is in finding a cooler and more exotic place in the world!

Summer and Adventure are two different sides of a coin! Nepal, being an ultimate adventure destination for many decades, is made for summer holidaying. Trekking in the Himalaya is a least favorable choice during summer. Snow is scarce, mountain landscape tends to get darker and overall weather is warmer! There aren’t many things to do up in the mountain, however, the lower landscapes may offer many other adventure stuffs one can consider undertaking.

Therefore, the most exciting holiday this summer 2015 can only take place in Nepal (Highly Recommended). Some of the unbeatable summer adventure and holiday experiences can be:

1) Wildlife (Jungle) Safari in Southern Nepal (Terai)

Nepal is geographically rich in variety of ecosystems, creating a perfect wilderness for numerous species of flora and fauna. The southern region of Nepal (Terai) is rich in sub-tropical forests. The denser forests of Terai is home to some of the most exotic animals found in Asia (Few found only in Nepal).

Famous for hunting expeditions (activity preferred by many Royals, British lords of the Raj and nobles, during the turn of 20th century) in their yeste-years, these areas are now reserved as the habitat and breeding centers for rare animals.

Chitwan National Park (932 km²) est. 1973, is the biggest ecological park located in Southern Nepal, followed by Bardia National Park (968 km²) est. 1988, which briefly served as a part of British India. The most fascinating thing here is that they consist of rare species of Royal Bengal Tiger (found mainly in Bengal forests of India-Bangladesh, Thailand and Nepal). Surfing Terai landscape can offer the rarest of the rare chance of spotting these beasts,  well alive and breathing. An experience you won’t miss sharing with your friends back home.

Bathing with elephants in Chitwan

Bathing with elephants in Sauraha, Chitwan

Other major attractions of Chitwan are; observing the local nomadic tribe (Tharu)  inhabiting the outskirts of the forests and 30 different species of mammals (One-horned Rhino, Mugger Crocodiles) and over 400 species of birds (Spiny Babbler, Sarus Crane) found in the region.

2) White Water Rafting in Trishuli

Trishuli, originating in Tibet, is a trans boundary river gifted with great rapids, making it one of the most exciting and dangerous white waters in Nepal.

No Doubt, Rafting is one of the most preferred adventure sports in Nepal, mainly because of the challenge involved in it! The river of Trishuli changes its course over the time, demanding mileage and enthusiasm from the rafters. Pirouetting, high sliding and troying are few of the usual techniques used during the rafting. The thrill and adventure generated is equally exhilarating as any other adventure sports found in Nepal.

Rafting Grade

Trishuli Rafting Grade

Rafting Grade for Trishuli River

3) Hiking in Hill Stations of Ghorepani and Poon Hill

Ghorepani and Poon Hill are two of the remarkable hill stations located in the Annapurna region of northern Nepal. The trail covers a portion of Annapurna region, along with ACAP (Annapurna Conservation Area Project). It is usually a loop around Ghandruk (HQ of Annapurna Region) and Ghorepani.

The major features of the trip range from enjoying the panorama of surrounding valley, majestic vista of mountains up the north (Annaupurna, Dhaulagiri, Machhapuchhre) to observing the local Himalayan tribe of Gurung and Magar and their culture.

In the morning at Ghorepani-Poon Hill, Annapurna

Tourists taking pictures at Poon Hill

Catered as a short trek, it is more of a fun and doesn’t require strenuous effort.  The trek is undertaken by people of any ages, shapes and sizes. Rolling over the cool landscape of northern Nepal can be one of the best holiday.

4) Cultural Holidaying Kathmandu and Outskirts

Cat Stevens, “Katmandu, I’ll soon be seeing you..” popularized the city of Kathmandu among global music audiences. Kathmandu is the cultural center of Nepal. A dual world of orthodox and modern frisky attitude mingle together, forming a surreal place.

It was shelter to western “Hippi” immigrants during 70s’. The city of Basantapur, Thamel and Jhonche (Freak Street) is still famous among visiting tourists. Many of the festivals practiced in the region are full of colors, music, extravagance and crowd, creating an awe feeling of out of the world experiences.

Historical Palaces of kathmandu

Historical Palace of medieval Malla King in Kathmandu

Listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the city is home to hundreds of ancient temples, monuments and royal palaces.

The city and its outskirts offers some magnificent locations to enjoy leisure time; strolling and wandering in and around the cultural wonders of the surroundings.

5) Adventure Sports and Relaxing on the beach of Pokhara

Pokhara is a small town residing on the banks of Great Phewa Lake. It can be an ultimate destination for those looking for relaxation or adventure sports.

Paragliding and Zip-line  are two of the most popular adventure sports in the region. High-hill cycling also serves the pleasure of adventure+sightseeing. Shopping for curios or authentic local garments as souvenirs can also be fun. Boating in the Phewa lake can also be another great amusement for holidaying enthusiasts.

Relaxing at the lakeside in Pokhara

Relaxing at the lakeside in Pokhara

The city comes alive during the night. The high-end clubs and joints create a state of trance with their environment, and on the other hand, authentic diners play original version of traditional eatery and entertainment. This city rarely sleeps!


Spending summer in an unknown country and among unknown faces can sometimes be the greatest pleasures of all. Summer holidaying in Nepal have many options, authentic and adventurous, which come at a very affordable prices (compared to many Middle Eastern and South-east Asian destinations…)


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