7 Best Moments Captured @everestbasecamp

“Never take your life for Granted, definitely not the moment you made it up to the Everest base camp!”

Some of the glorious moments captured @everestbasecamp

A Couple made it to Everest Base Camp

He, “Finally, we made it the BC.. let’s cheers for that?” She, “Noop, let’s Peace for that!! ;-)” @everestbasecamp


“Serious Stares!!”

alone at everest base camp

“I’m tired (Pheww…), but I ain’t Over with this..gotta make my way back!”

everest base cam summit

“My Grin outshines the Everest, eh 😀 “

Bunch of Singaporeans at everest base camp

“We made it (Yippee…)! Now, give a big smile fellow Singaporeans :D” @everestbasecamp

mother and daughter at everest base camp

Mom, “Don’t let my hand go!?” Daughter, “Ma, You betcha!”

Group of trekkers at everest base camp

“…n’ we made it! Let’s Peace for that, Guys!”

The time has come! Season for Everest Base Camp Trek has already started and shall last till pre-monsoon 2014. Book your treks now, n’ find relief from Hassles 😉

List of Everest Treks 


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