Gold Rush on Everest: Time is Running Out, Don’t be Left Out

Time is running out on the Everest, Everything is moving faster! The Sun is coming up and setting down faster. Men in the base camp are rushing. Climbers with a torch over their helmet are rushing to reach the Summit. Glaciers are melting in a rushing speed, and startled Constellations over the Night Sky are changing their paths in a rushing mood!

What is Everest Gold Rush all about?

Ever since, Hillary and Tenzing successfully climbed Everest in 1953 (including Mallory’s expedition of 20s’), the adventurers and explorers around the world dedicated their lives in conquering the highest mountain on Earth. “Mortals conquering Immortal!”

Party at Everest base camp

Photo: Istvan Banyai @Outsidemagazine

They made it happen, they set their records! They proved that mortals can conquer the immortal mountain. They proved their point and moved on!

Things started getting worse during early 1980. Ever since, entrepreneurs sowed an idea of using Everest as a mean of prosperous trade, the commercialization of mountaineering in a greater degree spoiled the taste. Climbers in the number of 100 an so started flowing in Khumbu, tons of supplies started pouring in at 18,000 feets above the sea level, a town of tents started building up all over the places, Human feces and abandoned equipment started covering the pristine snow of the Holy Everest.

You pay Top Dollar, You’re In! You can’t pay top Dollar, Don’t even think about it!!

It’s a product for the class of splendidly Rich and money-mongers, which are, most of the times, careless and demeaning. Commercial expeditions and rich climbers own Everest!

No, wonder, the great adventurers like Messner, Whittaker and Loretan summit the Everest no more. They figured it out long time back, it is worth few 100 thousand dollars and that’s all. There isn’t Glory up there any more. It’s a show-biz. It’s a billboard for the Spartan sized Corporations of First World. A holidaying destinations for extravagant who can rain dollars to hire Poor Sherpa carry Champagne, Caviar and Master Chefs to the top!

Everest base camp (17,598′) is the only place to be on Earth. Sure, it’s a pilgrimage for the trekkers. Take an advice: You must go there, but don’t stay more than a day or two, for health reasons.. 😉

Here’s an awesome video from the Great Adventurer “Elia Saikaly.” When watching this video, everything in the Everest seem to be rushing.


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