Rolwaling Trek: From Great Himalaya to The Folklore of Yeti

Rolwaling valley, bordering with Tibet, is an ethnic Himalaya region located in the north-eastern part of Nepal. Rolwaling Himalayan range includes some of the finest Himalaya peaks; Melungtse 7,181 m (23,559 ft) and Melungtse II 7,023 m (23,041 ft) and Gauri Shankar  7,134 m (23,405 ft), with some 50 additional peaks.

The first exploration of the region was made by Eric Shiption back in 1951.



Tsho Rolpo Glacial Lake

Tsho Rolpo Glacial Lake in Rowaling

Similar to the hiking in the Everest and Annapurna region, Rolwaling trek combines both uphill hiking and traversing. It facilitates crossing of one of the highest passes in the world, Tashi Lapcha Pass 5,755 m (18,881 ft), to enter the Khumbu (Everest) valley.

Beding along with many other villages in the region are inhabited by people of varying ethnicity. The northern part is mainly home to the Sherpa community.

The major challenges encountered during the trek are; traversing over entire snow paths for days (evident during post-monsoon season), crossing dense alpine forests and attaining uphill terrains. One of the highlight of the trip is staying in a camp beside Bigu Gompa (Nunnery). One can also enjoy the close sightings of few of the highest mountain in the world en route; Everest, Lhotse and Makalu etc.

It is in the northern part of Rolwaling that the notorious and celebrated Yeti supposedly found during old times. Over the time, many research expeditions have attempted to trace the animal, but failed in collecting enough evidence to prove its existence!

~Trek Map~

~Trek Seasons~

Trek seasons nepal

It is commonly trekked in two different seasons, Pre-monsoon (March to June)and Post-monsoon (September to November). The post-monsoon season tends to be somewhat crowded, however, best weather is guaranteed. Unfavorable weather can be detrimental.


Day 01: Drive to Barabise and start trekking up to Simle, 3-4 hrs
Day 02: Trek to Dolangsa, 4-5 hrs
Day 03: Trek to Tingsang-la, 4 hrs
Day 04: Trek to Bigu Gomba, 4-5 hrs
Day 05: Trek to Chilangka, 4-5 hrs
Day 06: Trek to Bulung, 5-6 hrs
Day 07: Trek to Gongar Khola, 5-6 hrs
Day 08: Trek to Simigaon, 4-5 hrs
Day 09: Trek to Dovan, 5-6 hrs
Day 10: Trek to Beding, 5-6 hrs
Day 11: Trek to Na Gaon, 3-4 hrs
Day 12: Acclimatization day at Na Gaon
Day 13: Trek to Kabuk at Tsho Rolpa, 4-5 hrs
Day 14: Trek to Drolambau Glacier near Tashi Laptsa Base Camp
Day 15: Traverse Tashi Laptsa Pass (5,755 m/18.876 ft) 7-8 hrs
Day 16: Reserve day in case of delay
Day 17: Trek to Thame, 5-6 hrs
Day 18: Trek to Namche Bazaar, 4-5 hrs
Day 19: Trek to Phakding, 4-5 hrs walk
Day 20: Trek to Lukla, 3-4 hrs


~Gears and Equipment~

  • Pair of hiking boots (well broken in) – One could spend over 5 to 6 hours a day on the trail, therefore, long-lasting boots are essential. The boots can range from light to medium, high or low. If one plans to trek during the months when it snows, the high boots become essential for proper hiking.
  • Soft and light shoes (sneakers) – Carrying light-weight sneakers for ‘after the day hike’ serves comfort.
  • Lightweight knapsack – It is useful for short trips away from one’s lodge, and will save you from carrying large backpack along. It should be large enough to fit a camera, spare clothes and a sleeping bag, if one plans to spend a night away.
  • Lightweight sleeping bag – Essential during peak seasons (October-December). Lodges do offer blankets, but are scarce during the peak season, therefore carrying a sleeping bag (-10 C°) can be a great precaution.
  • Fabric band-aids – Blisters are common due to rigorous walking. A good alternative to band-aids is duct tape. Works great for blisters and also proves invaluable in many other ways.

~Costs & Permit~

Permit Fees are required to enter Gaurishankar Conservation Area:

  • For SAARC Nationals: Rs. 200 p. person (Approx. USD $2)
  • Others: Rs. 2,000 p. person (Approx. USD $21)

and Sagarmatha National Park:

  • For SAARC Nationals : Rs 1,500 p. person (Approx. USD $15)
  • Other tourists: Rs 3,000 p. person (Approx. USD $30)


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