Exploring Wildlife in Nepal; Chitwan Wildlife Safari

South-central region of Nepal is rich in temperate climate and sub-tropical forests, creating a perfect environment for breeding a variety of species of Flora and Fauna. The denser forests of Terai is home to some of the most exotic animals found in Asia.


Jungle safari chitwan

Elephant safari in Chitwan may last for 2-3hrs. One can spot many different animals, however, spotting a Tiger is rare.

Chitwan National Park (UNESCO World Heritage Site), covering 932 km2 /360 sq mi/, was established in 1973 in the subtropical inner Terai belts of South-central Nepal. It is known to be the first national park of Nepal.

Though, the forest has been under continuous surveillance and in protection from the poachers, the darker past of the region still manages to taunt it. The massive hunting expeditions enjoyed by many Royals, lords of the British Raj and hunting enthusiasts during the 19-20th century, have caused the mass depletion of some of the exquisite animals from the region. The mass poaching since 1950 has also caused the major depletion of One-horned Rhino and Royal Bengal Tiger in an alarming rate.

Found mostly in the forests of Bengal, Royal Bengal Tigers in a small number are found in Nepal and Thailand as well. Spotting a live ‘Beast’ in the wild is the rarest of all Safari activities.

You can either do wildlife safari in Chitwan as a sole trip or along with your trek as an addition.


Termite Nest found at Chitwan

Termite Nest found inside Chitwan National Park during a jungle walk

Elehpant bathing sauraha

An elephant saluting while bathing in the Rapti River

Ethnic tharu hut chitwan

Ethnic Tharu Huts lack brick foundations, and mainly comprises of walls made of thick mud and grassed roof

Jungle safari chitwan

Elephant safari in Chitwan may last for 2-3hrs. One can spot many different animals, however, spotting a Tiger is rare.

Nepalese monarch enjoying his hunt in Chitwan

King Mahendra and his mistress posing with their Hunt in Chitwan, during a Royal hunting expedition.

One-horned Rhino

Greater One-horned Rhino is an endangered species of mammal found in Chitwan

Royal bengal tigers chitwan

An endangered species of Royal Bengal Tiger is the major attraction of Chitwan. Almost, few hundred such tigers are surviving in the wilderness of Chitwan, today.

Safari on foot at chitwan

‘Jungle walk’ is another popular form of enjoying wilderness and spotting exotic animals

Tharu farmers stocking firewoord

Poor ‘Tharu’ farmers stock firewood for winter

Tourists bathing elephants rapti river

Bathing elephants in Rapti River is popular tourist activity of Chitwan

Wildlife jungle safari chitwan

Riding on elephant back comes as a joy during scorching day in Chitwan.

Mugger crocodile chitwan

Mugger Crocodile is another popular attraction of Chitwan National Park

~Chitwan National Park Map~

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5 thoughts on “Exploring Wildlife in Nepal; Chitwan Wildlife Safari

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  2. Chitwan National Park dose not have black or white rhino.It only has one horned Indian i think king made a visit in Africa.He not only exploiting Nepal’s wildlife but also of Africa. Such a shame.I love wildlife when i watch killing of wildlife it makes my heart boil.

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