Notice for Tourists: Election 2013 & 10-Days Nationwide Strike in Nepal


2013 Election

2013 Election in Nepal is to be held during November 19 and 20. All the internal borders shall be sealed from the evening of November 18 till 20, therefore, halting any movements.

Nepal election 2013

Party supporters rallying on the streets of kathmandu

Tourism industry is susceptible to political agitations, strikes or brawl during the election, therefore, moving around the city is highly discouraged and suggested to commute only in tourist vehicles for safety.

Tourist vehicles are to get Special Passes during election day, therefore, commuting in a tourist vehicle won’t be halted.

Besides the movement of tourist vehicles, all hotels and restaurants will remain open on election day.

~Aditya Baral (NTB’s Spokesperson)

10-Days Nationwide Strike

A local political party, CPN (Maoist), is prepared to organize a nationwide strike (Nepal Banda) for 10 consecutive days: November 11-20, stalling every major movement in or outside the Kathmandu City. Public transport is prohibited to commute during such times, therefore, tourists are suggested to commute in tourist vehicles.

Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) has established tourism crisis cells at major tourist cities to deal with undesirable happenings and assist tourists in case of emergency.


Dining and Accommodation

As suggested by NTB, major hotels and restaurants shall remain unaffected of elections and nationwide strike.

Almost all the hotels are sold out for November and effects of the election have not been visible in the hospitality sector. […] Everything is normal as of now.

~Mohan Khanal, Hotel Shangri-La

Tourist leaving for/returning from a trek shall be halted during election, and will only be possible before or after election days.

∞Previous Election’s Outcome∞

nepal election 2008 outcome

Nepal Election 2008 Stats, Courtesy: Local Interventions Group

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