LGBT Tourism in Nepal: A Gay Travel Getaway!

The Government of Nepal legalized Homosexuality back in 2007, and became the first South Asian nation to do so. Homosexuality, same-sex marriage, cross-dressing or public expression of the same was considered a severe crime in Nepal, where a convict could serve up to 2 years in prison. However, the nation has transcended into a secular community, where everyone is allowed equal rights and opportunities for all.


LGBT in Nepal

Transgender SymbolViolence and discrimination against th LGBT community in the country was common. Facing harsh punishment for the expression of the same and disapproval from the society, it was very difficult phase of time for them. Despite all the odds, the nation finally proclaimed the legality of homosexuality, also making Nepal a potential market for Gay travel industry.

Being a nation with predominantly Hindu population, same-sex relationship is still considered a taboo, however, with the changing perspective of the citizens and secularism, same-sex relationship has widely been accepted and recognized.

On 21 December 2007, the Supreme Court of Nepal ruled that the new democratic government must create laws to protect LGBT rights and change existing laws that are tantamount to discrimination.


Sunil Babu Pant, a gay politician of the country and the one who established gay rights group, can be credited for tremendous lobbying for legalizing homosexuality and championing Gay Rights. As a result, Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), Hotel Association Nepal (HAN) and many others have already initiated building infrastructures for catering gay tourists in the country and training Travel/Hospitality staffs.

NTY 2011: Pink Everest Campaign

Nepal planned to attract more than 200,000 tourists during the Nepal Tourism Year 2011, and tap in the global market worth over $100 Billion.

Pink Yatra, through their Pink Everest approach (Initiative for Gay Tourism), is to host a marriage and honeymoon for Manvinder Singh Gohil, a former monarch of Rajpipla (Gujarat) in India. Under the same approach, Nepal has already hosted many same-sex marriages for foreign tourists and is hoping to host many more such marriages in an authentic Hindu/Buddhist ritual, along with various honeymoon travel opportunities.

Things to Do in Nepal

Same-Sex Marriage/Honeymoon

As same-sex marriage has been legalized in the country, foreigner tourists are invited to marry their partner in an authentic Hindu/Buddhist wedding ceremony. Many foreigners arrive in South Asia to undertake a Hindu ceremonial marriage for a greater exotic pleasure. Nepal is one of many destinations offering a ritualistic wedding for gay tourists. Honeymooning around the country is now easier with new infrastructures built by NTB and many established travel planners and hotels.

Everest Base Camp Trek

Trekkers relaxing in a tea-house at Everest

Trekkers relaxing in a tea-house at Everest

Undertaking a wedding at 17,598 ft above the sea level, on Everest, has recently appealed many tourists. Many others even consider trekking to base camp as a honeymoon trek.

Chitwan Wildlife Safari

Elephant’s back ride and jungle safari is considered most exotic honeymoon ideas ever. Staying in a riverside resorts or inside the dense forest, spotting rare animals; Bengal tigers, one-horned rhino, riding an elephant’s back and touring ethnic Tharu villages can be one-stop honeymoon options.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Machhapuchhre seen from Annapurna base camp

Machhapuchhre seen from Annapurna base camp

Along with Everest, Annapurna trek has recently appealed many foreign tourists for honeymoon trek. Holidaying in the midst of some of the highest mountains with the loved one can be the grandest private experience ever.

Overland Tours

Touring ancient cities of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, along with holidaying destinations, such as; Pokhara, Chitwan, Bardia, Lumbini etc can be some of the best gay travel gateaways. Exploring ancient arts and unraveling olden rituals can be great fun.

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  2. There is great adventures places in Nepal.In Nepal your abroad undertaking make a trip is set to be interesting. You will get to see the Himalayan Mountains and smoothness all that the rich Nepalese society

  3. Reblogged this on Chronicles of ADVENTURE TRAVEL and commented:

    “The government of Nepal legalized Homosexuality back in 2007 which made the country a safer place for LGBT community to live in.”

    Homosexuality, cross-dressing and same-sex marriage was considered a crime. The liberal step taken by the state has helped Nepal achieve a global recognition and tap in the booming LGBT tourism market.

    Through PINK EVEREST Initiative, LGBT tourists have arrived in Nepal more than before, it helped us organize same sex marriage of the foreigners and also coach hospitality staffs on etiquette and treatment of the guests.

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