“Now, Foreigners can apply for VISA & Trek Permits Online” -Nepalese Government

From January 1, 2014, foreigners can apply for Tourist Visa along with trek permits online through the website of Department of Immigration of Nepal….


Department of Immigration (DoI) of Nepal has recently announced that foreigners can now apply for Tourist VISA and as well as other permits (Transit VISA, Trek Permits) online (Link Here), making the procedure hassle free for the incoming tourists in Nepal.

Nepal Tourist VISA and other 12 different VISAs

Applicants are required to fill the application form online. Upon submission, DOI shall provide the applicant with a receipt. The applicant needs to submit receipt along with required documents and VISA fee upon arrival in Nepal at immigration authority to get the VISA.

The process is believed to help ease off the hassle at the airport for the tourists, and make their trip happier.

Along with Nepal Travel VISA one can also apply for other VISAS, namely; Marriage, Study, Business,  Residential, Transit, NRN, Relation, Working, Diplomatic, Official and Dependent.

Trek Permits

Interested tourists can now also apply for trek permits for various regions of Nepal…

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