3 of the Europe’s Toughest Alps to Climb: Facts, Map and Summary

Check out 3 of the most challenging and exciting Alps to climb in Europe. The Alps measure 1,200 km in length and is spread across 8 different European regions. More than 20,000 climbers attempt Mont Blanc summit every year, along with many others attempting Matterhorn and Eiger.


The Alps are one of the great mountain range systems of Europe stretching approximately 1,200 km (750 mi) across eight different EU regions; Austria and Slovenia, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, France, Italy and Monaco. The formation of Alps started 300 million years ago, unlike Himalaya of South Asia which formed almost 65 million years ago, therefore, Alps are known to be the oldest mountains ever formed.

Many of the Alps are shorter in height, most of which are also known as “Four-Thousanders,” unlike Himalaya peaks which range above 8,000 meters.

−Interesting Facts−

  • The earliest conquests of Alps were made by the Armies (Roman Army), pilgrims, and traders.
  •  Most of the snow/ice Glaciers in the world are found in the 1,200 km long Alp ranges of Europe.
  • Otzi, a 5,000 yrs old mummified corpse, was found in Alps.
  • 14 million people live in Alp regions, and more than 120 million tourists visit these regions every year.
  • It has been the…

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