What actually happened with Rachel Burke; a Naval worker who died on Everest in 2011?

A complete insight into what happened to Rachel Burke, a naval worker who died while trekking in Gokyo valley of Everest region back in 2011. Also, some useful tips on how to trek safely in Nepal.


Rachel Burke, a 28 years old Naval worker hailing from Orpington, Kent (UK) succumbed to death in the Spring 2011 while trekking in the Gokyo valley in Khumbu (Everest) region of  Nepal. She died of a condition, possibly, altitude sickness or AMS.

Q.1 Is Gokyo (Everest) a Valley of Death??


Nope, “Valley of death” is a vague expression given to Khumbu valley due to its extreme altitude/weather and the tough trek conditions one has to endure during the trek.

Falling prey to altitude sickness and altitude related illness in a trail which is located above 3,000 meters (9,843 ft) is very common, however, trek guides and Sherpas ensure precautions every time possible. They suggest you to take a Diamox (Anti-AMS pill) before ascending the threatening altitude, and also recommend you to concede the trek if in case your health condition deteriorates. Almost, everyone trekking in Everest region…

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