10 Inspiring Travel Movies ever made (Best Travel Movies: PART I)

List of some of the most inspiring TRAVEL MOVIES (Motion Picture) ever made; guaranteed to aspire you to get out of your comfort zone and travel fearless!!

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#1 The Motorcycle Diaries (2004)

The Motorcycle Diaries Poster

The Motorcycle Diaries Poster

A true story of two medical students embarking on a 5 month motorcycle road trip across South America to use their medical expertise to volunteer in a remote leper colony along the Amazon river.

Based on the personal accounts of the Latin American revolutionary Che Guevara, the movie highlights his adventure on road, personal discoveries and beliefs that helped him change his outlook on life. An inspiring script which will grip you with its thoughtful content, it isn’t a just entertainment. Watch for exotic locations and lifestyles of Latin America.

 7.9/10 -IMDb
 84% -Rotten Tomatoes

#2 Seven Years in Tibet (1997)

Seven Years in Tibet Poster

Seven Years in Tibet Poster

A biopic of Austrian mountaineer Heinrich Herrer, Seven Years in Tibet is a story of seven years of Harrer’s life in the Himalaya kingdom –Tibet. Set against the Second world war period, Harrer, caged by Allied forces for the possession of a  German passport, flees from the jail at Dehradun only to escape to the uncharted territories of Greater Tibet, with his friend, Aufschnaiter. He enters Lhasa, the forbidden city, at the time when foreigners weren’t allowed inside the city.

The movie involves Harrer’s life in Lhasa; his involvement as a tutor with Dalai Lama and his acceptance of the unusual ways of living. It is one of those few movies which portrays the actual childhood of the 14th Dalai Lama and the authentic lifestyle of the Tibetans.

 7/10 -IMDB
 61%-Rotten Tomatoes

#3 Eat Pray Love (2010)

Eat Pray Love Poster

Eat Pray Love Poster

Running away from her life; a husband, a house and a successful career, in search of salvation, self-fulfillment and satisfaction, Elizabeth Gilbert, a modern day woman, makes a life-changing trip to 3 different countries of Europe and Asia. For the sake of changing her everyday artificial life, she travels all the way from US to Italy, Indian and Indonesia.

The movie is a travelogue of Elizabeth and her discoveries for self-fulfillment; her passion to Eat in Italy, her Pray in India and inner peace and Love in Indonesia.

 -50.6/10 -IMDB
 36%-Rotten Tomatoes

#4 Monsoon Wedding (2001)

Monsoon Wedding Poster

Monsoon Wedding Poster

Mira Nair’s masterpiece, Monsoon Wedding, is all about a Big Fat Indian wedding taking place at the most colorful city of India —Delhi. Indian weddings are most referred as ‘monsoon wedding’ by the westerners, the movie manages to capture the everyday life of locals of Greater Delhi, along with all the drama, emotions, hullabaloo, exotic dance moves and rich colors of a typical Punjabi (North Indian) wedding.

Set against the modern day Delhi, the backdrop is authentic Greater India in every senses. From Chaiwalas (Tea-sellers), petty shopkeepers, street vendors to big mall and hotel owners, every screen of the movie can be relate to the jaunt of a westerner who made his first ever trip to India. A heartwarming film!

 7.4/10 -IMDB
 95%-Rotten Tomatoes

#5 The Darjeeling Limited (2007)

The Darjeeling Limited Poster

The Darjeeling Limited Poster

A Story of 3 wealthy but spoiled brothers taking an overland train trip through India, is The Darjeeling Limited. Like Elizabeth in Eat Pray Love, the 3 brothers are in a continuous process of finding inner peace and self-fulfillment, through familial relations, brotherly love and sibling fights, which is a common theme. The movie takes you in a crazy train ride throughout greater Northern India. From Rajasthan to Darjeeling, the movie is a constant reminder of how beautiful India is and charming its people are.

It certain, after watching this movie you’ll definitely make a trip to India, and if you have been there before you’ll consider visiting it again.

 7.2/10 -IMDB
 67%-Rotten Tomatoes

#6 Lost in Translation (2003)

Lost in Translation Poster

Lost in Translation Poster

The story follows two tourists freshly arrived in Tokyo, Japan. Despite their unfamiliarity with the language, culture and lifestyle of the place, the two characters find a way to stay in the city, yet unconcerned and content. Set in the ever-modern Tokyo city; with it’s tall infrastructures, bright lights, famed Sushi dish and Japanese culture, the movie takes you in a journey of an authentic Asian city.

Sofia Copolla‘s magic works wonder in the movie, and her ability of story-telling is clearly seen from what she has inherited from her father, iconic filmmaker ‘Francis Ford Copolla’. Watch Lost in Translation for all the good times.

 7.8/10 -IMDB
 95%-Rotten Tomatoes

#7 Into the Wild (2007)

Into the Wild Poster

Into the Wild Poster

The movie follows the life of a free spirited adventurer, Christopher McCandless, and his nomadic lifestyle. Based on a book by John Krauker, McCandless proves to be an inspiring protagonist in today’s self-centered materialistic society, however, he didn’t survive to see the movie.

He meets various kinds of people throughout his journey, where he befriends them and stay along for a while, but ventures out at last for greater experiences in life. From the Colorado river, Arizonian desert to the Alaskan wilderness, his is a continuous journey of living a full life dictated by his own term, away from civilization and human emotions. The movie can be an important guide on the landscape, food and lifestyle on the western US territories.

 8.2/10 -IMDB
 82%-Rotten Tomatoes

#8 Before Sunrise (1995)

Before Sunrise Poster

Before Sunrise Poster

Set against the idyllic Vienna, Before Sunrise follows a story of an American guy who meets a French girl on a train and spend a night together roaming around the city talking and knowing each other.

The night scenes of Vienna may remind you of Van Gogh’s iconic ‘Starry nights’ paintings, the authentic Viennese cafe, river, narrow alleys and streets etc, are a constant reminder of the greatness of European culture. The romance of a different kind; spontaneous and loud, is what you must do in your next visit to Vienna.

 8.1/10 -IMDB
 100%-Rotten Tomatoes

#9 Out of Africa (1985)

Out of Africa Poster

Out of Africa Poster

Out of Africa is a movie based on an autobiographical book by Isak Dinesen (Karen Bixen) in a pre-WW I British East Africa. The nomadic lifestyle of Masaai Mara tribe, Savannah grasslands, ginormous African primates and varying landscapes, from Mombasa to Nairobi, are the selling points of the film.

It is a theatrical interpretation of Africa as the Australia (Movie) is for Australia (Country). Simple lifestyle of the locals, wide ranges of Greater African plains and wilderness can take your breath away, or at least persuade you to travel Africa or for a Jungle Safari.

 7.2/10 -IMDB
 52%-Rotten Tomatoes

#10 The Beach (2000)

The Beach Poster

The Beach Poster

Set on an island in Thailand, it follows a story of a teenager looking for adventure and ultimate thrill in life. Magnificently captured beaches, coasts and wilderness of Thailand, the movie is an escapist story that inspired you to get out of your comfort and do things that you always wanted but had no guts to do.

Directed by the maker of “Slumdog Millionaire,” Danny Boyle, the movie captures enticing landscapes and ocean beaches of Thailand, an ultimate holiday getaway.

 6.6/10 -IMDB
 19%-Rotten Tomatoes


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