Top 10 Extreme Sports you can enjoy in Nepal

List of 10 Most Extreme sports you can enjoy in Nepal!!


Though smaller in geographic size, the greater Nepal is rich in multitudes of terrain and landscape, facilitating some of the best extreme sports (adventure sports)to take place every year.

-List of Extreme Sports in Nepal-

#1 Mountaineering (Climbing)

A climber attempting Mera peak climb A climber attempting a climb of smaller peak, Mera peak

The high rising mountains; 7 of 14 Eight-Thousander, and small but challenging peaks create  a wide opportunity for mountain climbing throughout the year in Nepal. Well guided by professional Sherpas and expert climbing organizers, mountaineering may be the most accessible form of extreme sports in the Greater Northern regions of Nepal.

>>List of popular peaks to climb

#2 Skydiving

Everest Skydive Everest Skydive

Skydiving is the most elitist extreme sport to do out in Nepal. There are merely any locations for regular skydiving in Nepal, however, whenever one takes place it’s sure enough to create a unique stir of emotions and…

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