Holi (Phalgun Purnima) -Festival of Colors

Holi -The festival of Colors is widely celebrated in Nepal and India among the Hindus. Come March 16, people will be smeared with colors.


Holi ( Sanskrit : होली) is a festival of colors celebrated throughout the world among Hindus. The greater occasion is expressed by the vibrant use of colors used to smear each other for fun. Also known as Phalgun Purnima ( Phalgun =11th month of Hindu calender and Purnima =Full Moon), Holi signifies the ancient practice of merrymaking when a mythical demon Holika was killed by Prahlada, signifying the good overcoming the evil.

The day differs every year because the event is observed during full moon. This year, it falls on March 16 in Nepal and March 17 in India.


People gathered to play Holi People gathered to play Holi

Holi is an important festival for Hindus, widely observed during spring or on the last full moon day of the lunar month, which usually falls in March and sometimes in late February. India and Nepal are the two major nations where it is observed both as…

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