10 of the Best Nepal’s Travel News of 2013 #throwback

Nepal’s always been a desirable travel destination for many adventurers and holiday-goers around the world, however, the year presented 2013 Nepal in an entirely different light.

Check out the Countdown of most BUZZED travel news of Nepal in 2013

The 10 Best Travel News

#10 Elephant Polo in Chitwan

The first ever elephant polo was played back in 1982. Every year in November, elephant polo is held in Bardia to celebrate the newest art form of sporting.  The World Elephant Polo Association was established by two sports enthusiasts in 1982 and its headquarter is located in the very location of Chitwan.

Teams comprising of various nations; USA, Scotland, Thailand etc, face-off for the ultimate trophy. >>Read Full Article

A scene of Elephant Polo in Chitwan

A scene of Elephant Polo in Chitwan

#9 Nepalese Government initiates Online VISA Application

To ease off the tension while applying a Nepalese VISA and to save your important time, Nepalese government decided to deploy an online portal for applying Visas for Nepal, namely; Marriage, Study, Business,  Residential, Transit, NRN, Relation, Working, Diplomatic, Official and Dependent.

Now, tourists can simply insert their info online and receive their visa on the arrival in Nepal. >>Read Full Article

15 Days Tourist Visa

15 Days Tourist Visa

#8 Baltasar Kormakur decides to make a film on 1996’s Everest tragedy

Baltasar Kormakur, a film-maker, decided to make a movie called “Everest,” based on 1996’s Everest tragedy that engulfed numerous lives. Josh Brolin, Jake Gyllenhal, Jason Clarke and John Hawkes were signed up in the lead roles.

The movie is based on real accounts, that took place in 1996 when a freak storm hit the Everest, leaving eight climbers dead, noted and compiled by Jon Kraukauer in his famous book “Into thin air.”

Jon Kraukauer's Into Thin Air, 1996

Jon Kraukauer’s Into Thin Air, 1996

#7 Valery Rozov jumps off the Everest

Russian extreme sportsman Valery Rozov, aged 48, jumped off the north face of Mount Everest — 7,220 m (23,688 ft) above sea level. Sponsored by Red Bull, it took the Russian two years of planning and 4 days of climbing to initiate his mere one minute adrenaline rush jump ever.

#6 Two Chinese Tech Giants install 4G on Everest

Huawei, in collaboration with China Mobile, installs 4G (Mobile Broadband) on Everest making it fast and easy for the climber to talk over the phone with anyone in the world or stream videos faster than a bullet.

It marks an important milestone in global LTE TDD (Long-Term Evolution Time-Division Duplex) development. In 2007, the same Chinese conglomerates installed 2G on Everest.

Climbers during their Everest climb

Climbers during their Everest climb

#5 60th Anniversary of Everest summit celebrated in Kathmandu

May 29, 2013 marked the 60th anniversary of the first ever successful summit of Everest. Celebrating the joyous moment of celebrating 9th British Expedition’s effort on conquering the highest point in the world, Hillary and Tenzing’s offspring along with other famed Mountaineers joined in the ceremony to pay their respect to the greats of mountaineering fraternity.

9th British expedition comprised of John Hunt, Edmund Hillary, George Lowe, Tenzing Norgay Sherpa, Tom Bourdilon, Charles Evans etc. >>Read Full Article

Hillary Tenzing on Everest 1953

Hillary and Tenzing on Everest (8,500m) © Source Photographica

#4 Glacier in Everest region shrunk by 13% in the last 50 years

Glaciers in Mount Everest has shrunk by 13% in the last 50 year. A study led by a Nepali scientist, along with his team, at the University of Milan found that glaciers in Khumbu valley have shrunk by 13%, in 2013.

The researchers suggests that the shrink of snow and ice is mainly because of the changes occurred in global climate caused by human-generated greenhouse gases.

Khumbu Glacier with Mount Everest on the background

Khumbu Glacier with Mount Everest on the background

#3 50 years in the making: First ever Everest summit by the Americans

On May 1, 1963, the American Everest Expedition succeeded in positioning its first American climber on the summit of Everest: Jim Whittaker. Exactly 6 years before the Americans put their first man on the moon, they were able to rejoice the fact that they conquered the might Everest. >>Read Full Article

John Glenn. Two other Americans, Lute Jerstad and Barry Bishop, summited via the South Col on the same expedition, and Americans Tom Hornbein and Willi Unsoeld summited via the bold, difficult (and rarely repeated) West Ridge.

American Expedition of Everest in 1963

American Expedition of Everest in 1963

#2 Highest “Harlem Shake” performed

A group of Australians did the Harlem Shake on Everest base camp in 2013. Located at 5,364 m (17,598 ft), it is the highest Harlem Shake ever performed in the history.

#1 Rupee “A Canine” Climbed Everest Base Camp

Rupee, a former stray dog, climbed Everest base camp in 2013 and became the first canine ever to do so. Rescued by Joanne Jefferson from the dumpster in Northern India, Rupee accompanied Joanne in her quest to reach the base camp. Completed in 10 days, Joanne’s motive was to raise awareness about the cause for adopting and rearing homeless pets. >>Read Full Article

rupee posing at boudhanath stupa

Rupee posing at Boudhanath Stupa in Kathmandu, Nepal


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