Lobuche (East) Peak Climbing: Complete Guide, Map and Route

Climbing Lobuche East – A Six-Thousander trekking peak in Nepal, which is considered the best technical climb. Trekking peak climbing are open during pre-monsoon (March-June) and post-monsoon (September-November) seasons in Nepal.


Among the trekking peaks in Nepal, Lobuche East (E) is considered one of the most technical peaks for climbing. Despite its altitude of 6,000+ meters, climbing the peak requires a climbing guide, along with the experience of using Ice Axe and crampons.


Lobuche East6,119 m (20,075 ft) Alpine PD+ is a Six-Thousander peak located in Khumbu valley of Nepal. A part of greater Himalaya, Lobuche E is classified as a small peak. It is considered a more technical climb compared to other small peaks of Nepal.

Adjacent to Lobuche E is Lobuche Far East, another summit of Lobuche which is 26 meters shorter than the prior. Other popular small peaks like Island peak, Mera peak and Pokalde proudly accompany Lobuche, all of which are considered OK for climbing.

The first recorded ascent of this peak is surprisingly as late as 1984 by Laurence Neilson and Ang Gyalzen Sherpa. The…

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