Inside Lumbini (World Heritage Site) -Exploring the Birthplace of Buddha

Inside Lumbini -Revisiting the birthplace of Buddha (Complete Travel Guide on Lumbini)


One of the largest religions in the world, Buddhism accounts for over 500 million adherents worldwide, with 269 – 674 million living inside China alone.

Buddhism in Nepal

Swayambhunath is a major Buddhist pilgrimage site located in Kathmandu Swayambhunath

Buddhism in Nepal existed since the time of enlightenment of Buddha. Being the birthplace of Buddha, Nepal has always adhered and adopted Buddhism as its eternal part. It’s suggested by the historians that Buddha later revisited Lumbini and converted his family to Buddhism back in 600-500 BC.

The former kingdoms of Nepal adopted Buddhism as their first religion, under which Buddhist art and culture flourished and reached its zenith.

Bhrikuti, the daughter of 1st Lichhavi king Amshuverma, married King Songtseng Gampo of Tibet. She was a Buddhist adherent who helped establish and flourish Buddhism in Tibet, and later in mainland China.

Today, more than 10% of the total population of Nepal is a practicing Buddhist. Tibetan Buddhism and Vajrayana Buddhism are two major…

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