List of Global Movie Icons who have visited Nepal

Nepal is considered one of the most sought travel destinations in the world. With Eight-thousander peaks dominating the Himalaya on the North, aesthetically and culturally rich cities of hills and sub-tropical forests boasting the endangered species of Royal Bengal Tigers and One-horned Rhinos on the South, it has never failed to mesmerize foreign tourists with its eclectic charm and hospitality of a great sort.

Some of the Great Actors who’ve visited Nepal!

There are many great personalities who have visited Nepal, some of which are the most popular actors, politicians, sportsmen and others.

Here is the list of 10 great actors to visit Nepal in recent times.

#1 Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo paid a 3 days visit to Bardia National Park located in Southern Nepal on 2011 for his and WWF‘s joint initiative “Save Tigers Now.” It was a discreet visit to Nepal, therefore, many people, moreover, his fans didn’t get a chance to catch a glimpse of this Hollywood heartthrob.

The dwindling population of endangered species of Royal Bengal Tigers has always been a grave environmental issue, which has been championed by Leo and WWF.

#2 Orlando Bloom

The British sweetheart, Orlando Bloom, visited Nepal back in 2007 for a UNICEF supported trip to the western districts of Nepal. Known for his roles in the popular movies like “Lord of the Rings” and “Pirates of the Caribbean,” Bloom made a 4 days surprise visit to Nepal.

The purpose of his visit was accompanied by various social works.

#3 Jeremy Irons

Jeremy irons, an Academy Award winning actor, visited Nepal back in 2001. He, along with his wife and sons, embarked on an adventure trek in Northern Nepal.

I’m often away working. My wife is often away working. My son’s at university and my other son’s at school. The great thing about trekking is you’re all walking in the same direction.

~Jeremy Irons (2001)

#4 Dev Anand

Dev Anand, the megastar of yesteryear Hindi movie industry, had frequently visited Nepal during his lifetime. Dev was mesmerized with the culture and historic beauty of Nepal, therefore, he filmed his popular movie called “Hare Rama, Hare Krishna,” in Nepal.

Dev helped promote Nepal in international arena and mainly among Indian inhabitants, for which that he was even awarded with numerous accolades back in Nepal.

#5 Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar is one of the recent movie stars to visit Nepal. One of the leading actors in Hindi movie industry today, Akshay visited Nepal in 2014 itself. Popular for his action roles and masculine personality, Askhay was overwhelmed seeing his fan-following in Nepal, where he was shooting for his next movie.

#6 Cameron Diaz & Eva Mendes

Cameron Diaz, along with Mark Redman (Blink 182) and Eva Mendes, made it to Nepal back in 2007. Her tour called “Cameron Trippin” brought her to Nepal, where she spent time exploring the Chitwan National Park and other popular places.

Cameron has always admired the beauty of Nepal, and in 2007, this bombshell of Hollywood made her dream come true.

#7 Sunny Leone

A popular Canadian actress and bombshell of Hindi movies, Sunny Leone, along with her husband, visited Nepal in April 2014. Following the commercial success of her recent movie, she decided to visit Nepal for couple of days.

Seen in few tourist places of Kathmandu, Sunny was well received by her fans.

#8 Josh Brolin & Jake Gyllenhaal

Two of the Hollywood heartthrob, Josh Brolin and Jake Gyllenhaal, made it to Nepal for the shooting of their upcoming movie based on “Into Thin Air,” about the tragic event of 1996 killing 16 people on Everest.

Brolin and Gyllenhaal were seen having fun in the sets.

#9 Irrfan Khan

Most unconventional actor of Hindi movie industry, Irrfan Khan made a trip to Nepal back in 2010. He, along with his wife, was invited to attend Kathmandu International Theater Festival in Nepal. Later, Irfaan was seen holidaying in Pokhara, a tourists’ haven.

#10 Naseeruddin Shah

The method actor and one of the most popular in the movie fraternity, Naseeruddin Shah visited Nepal back in 2011 to coach local actors and to attend a program.

Though, he spend a brief period of his time in Nepal, Naseeruddin was seen hanging out in Kathmandu.


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