Kyanjin Gompa (Langtang) Trek: Map, Cost & Itinerary

Inside Kyanjin Gompa (Langtang), a scenic yet adventurous Trek Trail in Nepal


Bordering with Tibet in the north,  Langtang boasts  an unbeaten path for trekking in Nepal. Dominated by serene Himalaya on the northern front and lush green hills, Langtang is at closer distance to Kathmandu, making it easier for interested tourists to commute to and from the region.


Tea house on Langtang trail Tea house on Langtang trail

Langtang (Sanskrit: लान्तंग) lies to the north of Kathmandu, bordering Tibet. The region comes directly under Langtang National Park(est. 1976), a protected area which boasts the multitudes of flora and fauna and magnificent Himalaya peaks.

Langtang Lirung 7,246 m (23,773 ft), Yala Peak 5,520 m (18,110 ft), Dorje lakpa 6,966 m (22,854 ft), Morimoto 6,570 m (21,555 ft) and Dragmarpo Ri 6,578 m (21,581 ft) are few of the mountains located in the region.

25% of the protected area is forest and the climate ranges from sub-tropical to alpine. Oak, rhododendron, pine and maple boasts the forest…

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