Kyajo Ri Climbing: Compete Guide, Map & Route

Climbing Kyajo Ri (20,295 ft) -the finest small peak of Nepal.


One of the most challenging small peaks of Nepal, Kyajo Ri boasts an expedition style of climbing. Located in the remote sparse of Khumbu valley, it is accessed by a Himalaya flight to Lukla.


Kyajo Ri 6,186 m (20,295 ft) Alpine PD+ is a Six-Thousander peak located in Khumbu valley of Nepal. A part of greater Himalaya, Kyajo Ri is classified as a small peak. It is considered a more technical climb compared to other small peaks of Nepal.

The Normal route (South West ridge) is accessed via the South East col (two steep mixed sections required to get there from Machhermo) and a descent to the Kyajo glacier below. The other routes; South East and North East ridges are not much used. It is a technical climb.

Climbing Kyajo Ri

Kyajo Ri Summit Kyajo Ri Summit

You should take a short flight from Kathmandu to Lukla, followed by 5 days trek to Kyajo…

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