Jiri Travel Guide -A Gateway to Everest

Jiri -Exploring the gateway to Everest; a serene valley on the foot of Himalaya.


The 9th British expedition conquered Mount Everest in 1953. Comprising of few of the greatest climbers including; Edmund Hillary, Tenzing Sherpa, Eric Shipton and George Lowe, they started their trek to the serene Khumbu valley from Kathmandu itself and passing through the equally eclectic hills of Jiri, a small town in the northeast of Nepal.


Jiri (Nepali: जिरी) is a small town located in the Dolakha district, Nepal. Located at an altitude of 1,905 m (6,250 feet) on the eastern hills of Nepal, a commute from Kathmandu to Jiri can be completed in 6 to 8 hours. The 184 km passage through winding roads makes the ride seem longer than usual.

A local market at Jiri A local market at Jiri

Though smaller in size, the region offers an authentic taste of its nativity which can rarely be enjoyed outside Jiri. It’s mostly inhabited by the ethnic tribes of Jirels and Sunuwars, but because of the commercialization of Everest trek…

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