Shrawan Sankranti -Marking the end of Paddy Plantation in Nepal

Shrawan Sankranti is a festival of feasting and merrymaking. Widely celebrated in Nepal and India, the festive has its own importance among the subcultures of the greater Hindu inhabitants.

~Origin & History~

Celebrated on the 1st day of the month of Shrawan (4th month in Nepalese Hindu calender), Shrawan Sankranti (Shravan Maas) in Nepal marks the end of plantation of Paddy. The importance of celebrating the event originated back in the historic times, when farmers and peasants used to celebrate the end of months of plantation and to rid from supposed evils.

On the day, people perform a ritual of Luto Phalne in the evening to ward off the disease of scabies […] They burn some wood and a plant called Tite Pati and throw them away shouting “take away scabies.”

Holy month of Shrawan

Nepalese women dancing in Pashupatinath temple premise, in Kathmandu

Nepalese women dancing at Pashupatinath temple, in Kathmandu

The month of Shrawan is regarded as the holiest month of all by Hindus throughout the world. Each Monday of the month is dedicated to Lord Shiva (One of the Hindu Trinity). Women, especially, married ones, worship Lord Shiva, fast and visit Pashupatinath temple on this day for the sole purpose of gifting long and prosperous life to their husbands.

The month, according to Gregorian calender, begins in July and ends in August. Starting from Shrawan Sankranti, this auspicious month follows multitude of festivities, such as; Harishayani Ekadashi, Krishna Janmasthami, Shani Pradosh, Guru Purnima (Teachers’ Day), Rakshya bandhanAmavasya (New Moon) and Nag Panchami etc.




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