Bhutan Air makes its Inaugural Flight to Nepal

Bhutan Air made its inaugural flight to Kathmandu, Nepal on June 8 2014, marking the third international flight after Kolkata and Bangkok made by the only private jet of Bhutan.

bhutan-air-logoAn Airbus A319, it can carry 122 passengers; 8 seats in business class, 36 in premium and 78 in economy. Serving both local and international clients, Bhutan Air will commence its regular flights from Paro, Bhutan to Kathmandu, Nepal from June 16.

BHUTAN AIRLINES – Tashi Air Pvt. Ltd, Bhutan’s first private airline came into existence after the Tashi Group of Companies, outbid other joint venture companies and won the License to operate Airline Service both Domestic and International Sectors.

Wangchuk Dorji, the chairman of the Bhutan Air, is an ambitious man with higher goals. Currently, serving 3 different nations of South Asia, Dorji is planning to expand the reach of his commercial flights to many other nations.

Why Travel Bhutan?

Referred as “The Last Shangri-La,” the Kingdom of Bhutan is the center of art, culture and natural riches in South Asia. A nation situated on the eastern Himalaya front of Asia, Bhutan promises a quality time exploring its unseen regions.

Rinpung Dzong, a popular Dzong in Paro, BHutan

Rinpung Dzong, a popular Dzong in Paro, Bhutan

One of the last nations with the surviving monarchy, Bhutan strives to make its citizens, and the tourists alike, happier. The quality of life in Bhutan is measured by “Happiness Index,” which is quite unusual for other nations.

Some of the most exotic destinations of Bhutan to check out for;

  1. Thimphu (Capital City)
  2. Paro
  3. Jakar
  4. Paro Taktsang (Tiger’s Nest)
  5. Punakha

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Druk Path Trek

The Druk (Dzongkhaའབྲུག་) is known as the “Thunder Dragon in Bhutanese mythology, and it’s symbolically used for Bhutan. A druk appears on the Bhutanese flag, national emblem and has many other representations. In their native dialect, they refer Bhutan as Druk Yul, or Land of Druk.

The Druk Path trek is a cultural tour of the greater Bhutan. One of the shortest treks in the region, Druk path undertakes the traditional route used by the early inhabitants and traders. A cultural yet adventurous trail, Druk path assimilates the greater values and lifestyle of the Bhutanese.

You also get an opportunity to visit Lhakhangs, Dzongs and ethnic villages on trail.

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Source: MyRepublica and BhutanAir


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