Flying from Kathmandu to Lukla; A Voyage to Everest

Flying from Kathmandu to Lukla is an adventure in itself. A 35 mins flight to the obscure region of Everest is accompanied by great scenery en route.


Tenzing-Hillary Airport

Tenzing-Hillary Airport(Lukla Airport) is a small airstrip located in Lukla, Khumbu at an altitude of 9,383 ft ( 2,860 m).

Tenzing-Hillary Airport Tenzing-Hillary Airport

Considered one of the most dangerous airports in the world, Lukla Airport is the only passage into the Everest region, other being Jiri, a small village in the eastern region of Nepal, which might takes days to cover.

Lukla Airport connects Lukla and Kathmandu via a short flight. Though, the regular flights are carried out everyday; rainfall, high winds and clouds often effect their timing. It literally becomes impossible to make a short route (35-40 mins) when the weather is disastrous, therefore, delaying the fight from hours to sometimes even days.

More than 2,200 tourists have been stranded in the village of Lukla since last week where food supplies are limited. Stranded tourists took 48 flights and helicopter rides out of Lukla on Monday. A day earlier, at…

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