How to Celebrate Dashain & Tihar in Nepal?

Come this September celebrate two of the holiest and grandest Hindu festivals in the Indian Subcontinent. Mainly observed in Nepal and India, Dashain and Tihar has utmost religious and historic significance.


The grandest of the festivals celebrated by the Hindus worldwide falls on this September-October. Dashain and Tihar are two of the main festivals which uphold the religious and cultural significance of Hinduism.

Nepal, with the majority of Hindu population, celebrates the festivals with full joy. Feasting is common in almost every Nepalese household during the occasion.


Dashain (Nepali: दशैं) or Badadashain, Dashera in India, is a festival celebrated by Hindu devotees worldwide. It is the longest festival, lasting 10 days, which starts from lunar night and ends on full moon. It is widely celebrated throughout India and Nepal. The festive is known for bringing joy in the household by bringing families together.

Tika (Vermilion) and Jamra are considered auspicious during Dashain Tika (Vermilion) and Jamra are auspicious during Dashain

Starting from September 25 and ending at October 5, the 10 day celebration celebrates the overcoming of the evil by good.

The first day begins with the celebration of the Goddess Durga, meaning “the…

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