GUIDE PROFILE: Hom Rana, an inspiring trek guide in Nepal

Hom Rana is the Trek Guide to look out for in Nepal! An inspiring assistant and travel enthusiast, Hom has been specializing in the trade since he was 15. One amazing fact about him is that he received a mere Rs. 75 ($0.77) as compensation for his first job as a porter.


Full Name: Hom Rana Magar
Birth: Bungkot, Pokhara
Career: Trek Guide
Expertise: Trekking, Sightseeing, Culture
Interests: Cooking, Traveling and Music

Hom in Person

Hom Rana belongs to Magar ethnicity. An agile and sturdy fellow, his age is determined by his experience. Started as a porter at the mere age of 15, he established himself as one of the most experienced trek guides in Nepal.

He can win million hearts with his smile. An ever cheerful and softspoken, Hom is dedicated and dependable.

Ever since he started his professional career with Nepal Vision Treks & Expedition in 1995, he never looked for any other opportunities in life. He’s still continuing his journey with the company he started his career with. His father served in the Indian Army for 28 years, mostly staying away from the family. He finds himself to be lucky, because, despite spending much time away from his family and 6 years old son, he still gets to see them every fortnight or so. A gift his father rarely got. Since 1995, he has led hundreds of teams to popular trek trails of Nepal. During peak season, he even accommodated 30+ people in his group and led them safely to Everest Base Camp.

On the Field

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