Poll concludes, Jerzy Kukuczka is the best mountaineer in the world!

Jerzy Kukuczka tops the poll for the greatest mountaineers!

Reinhold Messner topped our list of best climbers on our last study for his unequivocal feat of 14 Eight-Thousander, however, a recent poll concluded that Jerzy Kukuczka is the best among the greatest mountaineers in the world!

Jerzy Kukuczka

Poll Result!

The poll was conducted in our article about Reinhold Messner, which concludes as such;

Jerzy Kukuczka in person

Jerzy, a Polish national, became the second person in the history to summit all the fourteen Eight-Thousander after Reinhold Messner. A passionate alpine and high-altitude climber, Jerzy completed 3 of his summits in winter.

Kukuczka wth Andrzej Czok

Kukuczka wth fellow climber Andrzej Czok

He established a new route in K2, known as “Polish line,” which no one has ever dared to repeat. During his lifetime, he established 10 new routes and completed his Eight-Thousander feat within 8 years of time. If it weren’t for his intention to use bottled O2 during his summit to Mount Everest, he’d have been listed among those who dared climb all the Eight-Thousander without the support of artificial Oxygen.

Sadly, he was killed while attempting the South Face of Lhotse in Nepal on 24 October 1989.

He was leading a pitch at an altitude of about 8,200 meters on a 6 mm secondhand rope he had picked up in a market in Kathmandu (according to Ryszard Pawłowski, Kukuczka’s climbing partner on the tragic day, the main single rope used by the team was too jammed to be used and the climbers decided to use transport rope instead), the cord either was cut or snapped from a fall, plunging Kukuczka to his death.

List of Greatest Mountaineers

The list of 10 best mountaineers sorted by us in an ascending order.


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