Aussie Couple Successfully Climb 2 Small Peaks in Nepal

Our deepest sympathies are with the Gropel and Strydom family. Dr. Maria Strydom died on Everest while descending from the summit on Saturday, May 21 2016. Her husband, Dr. Robert Gropel who was in the same expedition, suffered from Altitude sickness and his current condition is unknown. Rest in Peace, Dr. Maria. Your loss will be strongly felt among us.

An Aussie couple successfully climbed the popular trekking/small peaks in Nepal, Island peak 6,189 m (20,305 ft) & Mera peak 6,476 m (21,247 ft), back in 2010. Hailing from the highlands of Australia, Robert Gropel and Maria Strydom undertook a ginormous task of climbing two small peaks in Nepal, which normally takes 27 days of continuous camping, trekking and climbing.

Dr. Robert Gropel is a veterinarian, while Maria served as an academic in Finance at Monash University.

The trip to Mera & Island Peak via Amphu Laptsa starts from climbing the Island peak, followed by crossing the highest pass of the region, Amphu Laptsa Pass. Once you complete crossing the pass you again start climbing Mera peak.


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