GUIDE PROFILE: Ram Timlasina, an Art Curator

Ram Timalsina is undoubtedly one of the skilled trek guide in Nepal. An art curator and self-proclaimed ambassador of the nation, Ram is equally dedicated and outgoing.

Ram Krishna Timalsina

Ram Krishna Timalsina


Full Name: Ram Krishna Timalsina
Birth: Khari, Dhading 1982
Career: Trek Guide
Expertise: Trekking, Sightseeing, Culture
Interests: Art curating and Traveling

Ram in Person

Ram came from the remote village of Khari in Dhading. He was excited to join the tourism industry since early age. He used to see tourists camping and enjoying at Thopo Khola in his hometown which left an everlasting impression on him. Luckily, he was referred as a porter by his relative working in the sector.

He recollects,

I was assigned as a porter for the trek in Annapurna Base Camp for a Singaporean group, and one of the guest gifted an English language book to me which proved crucial for me to learn and adapt English.

A hardworking person, he temporarily left his childhood passion to pursue career working as a staff in Subway in Bahrain back in 2005. However, he resumed his position in Nepal Vision Treks & Expedition after working 3 years in Bahrain.

He chose to get married immediately after returning from abroad. As luck favored him, he started guiding treks in Everest region, Annapurna, Upper Mustang and other regions of Nepal. He even tried his hands on guiding safari tours in Chitwan.

In one instance, Ram was guiding a trek to Thorong La Pass for an American tourist back in 2007. While descending, the tourist fainted because of altitude sickness. Ram, using his first aid skills, brought him  back to consciousness.The tourist in great awe thanked and blessed him for his kindness.

He loves to collect old artifacts and show them to his guests. An avid art curator, he dreams to establish a museum dedicated to his collected artifact in the future.

He proclaims,

Tourists should  come to Nepal  because it offers challenge to adventure seekers like nowhere else in the world.

On the field

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