5 Reasons to Get Married in Nepal? (Tips for Foreigners)

Most foreigners visit Nepal to get married in a typical Hindu style. Hindu weddings are known for their historical and cultural importance, as well as extravagant gatherings and decors.

The ritual complied to Hindu Vedas is considered an important part of a human life, therefore, the ceremony is celebrated with much awe and passion in Hindu society. Following the footsteps of South-Asian counterparts, foreigners can enjoy the same lush marriage ceremonies for themselves.

Hindu Weddings

Hindu wedding (Sanskrit: विवाह) is known as Vivah sanskar. A lavish ceremony can lasts for days along with processions carried out before the day of marriage. Fire is considered the primary witness in Hindu matrimonial, therefore, groom and bride are married in front of a pyre.

In India, the wedding is divided into 3 parts;

  1. Kanyadaan
  2. Panigrahana
  3. Saptapadi
Heena on palms

Bride’s palm decorated with heena during wedding

Kanyadaan is the initial ritual performed by the father of the bride. He brings the bride to groom and offer her hand to his. Panigrahana is the ritual as a symbol of their impending marital union, and the groom announcing his acceptance of responsibility to four deities. Saptapadi is the most important and final ritual of the marriage. The couple take seven rounds around the holy fire. Every circle undertook around the holy fire represents a special vow.

In Nepal, the wedding involves 6 different steps. US Citizens are required to obtain special permit from the Government of Nepal to get married in Nepal >>US Embassy Notice

5 Reasons to Get Married in Nepal

#1 Taste of Nepalese Culture

Sel Roti, a Nepalese delicay eaten during auspicious occassions

Sel Roti, a Nepalese delicay eaten during auspicious occassions

Getting married in Nepal can offer you the authentic taste of Nepalese culture and lifestyle. From wedding couture to everyday meals, everything is inspired from Nepalese household. You can follow the entire procession in Nepalese style.

#2 Honeymooning in Nepal

A trekker posing at Thorong La Pass

A trekker posing at Thorong La Pass

One big advantage of getting married in Nepal is, you can spend a quality time honeymooning in Nepal. You can consider taking a short trek to scenic locations of Nepal or take tours and safaris. A cheaper and convenient travel destination, Nepal can be a great place to spend private time with your loved ones.

#3 Wedding Ceremony Music 

Panche Baja

Panche Baja

Nepalese wedding music or Panche Baja is a combination of 5 traditional musical instruments generally played during weddings, which includes; cymbals, drums, small and large kettledrums, trumpets and folk oboe. Playing Panche Baja adds charm to Nepalese weddings.

#4 Stars & Astrology

Hindu astrological signs

Hindu astrological signs

The astrological signs are taken into account during deciding a marriage in Hindu society.

The position of astrological signs of both the couple  determines the time and date of marriage, as well as future comings of the nuptial.

#5 Vedic Rituals

HIndu lamp

HIndu lamp or Diyo

Hindu marriages are bound by vedic rituals. Each process signifies vedic importance. From the mantra chanted to the undertaking of marriage, everything is planned and revered.


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