GUIDE PROFILE: Sudip Aryal, An Educated Couth

Sudip Aryal is an educated couth. A career which his peers started without any education or academic background, he chose to undertake the same career after educating himself to the fullest.

Sudip Aryal

Sudip Aryal


Full Name: Sudip Aryal
Birth: Jeevanpur, Dhading 1985
Career: Trek Guide
Expertise: Trekking, Sightseeing, Culture
Interests: Reading and Traveling

Sudip in Person

Early Age

Hailing from a small village called Jeevanpur in Dhadhing district, he started to move from one village to another at the tender age of just 2.

Endowed with wit and quick learning ability, he became the brightest student in his class. He managed to study till 3rd grade during his stay in Kathmandu, however, he had to move to a Makwanpur village when a family tragedy struck him. He continued his studies in a state owned school inside the village and later moved to a better institution at Hetauda city.

Then, an engineer working in a local project was much impressed with him, and he undertook a mission to offer best education to Sudip for which he took him to Kathmandu, where, Sudip resumed his studies and graduated from Amarjyoti College in a major in travel, tourism and history.


Sudip posing in front of Gosainkunda lake

Sudip posing in front of Gosainkunda lake

Sudip started in the tourism industry in 2004 as a mere porter, with his first assignment to Dhampus and Sarangkot. It continued for a year. His opportunity as a professional guide came only in 2007 when he led an important German guest to the Annapurna circuit.

In 2008, the nation was hit by Maoist insurgency which more or less handicapped the entire tourism landscape of Nepal. Despite facing the tough situation, he managed to lead 3 -4 treks to Everest Base Camp. The largest group he has ever led was a group of 25 Chinese back in 2008, which was a huge success.

He confesses,

I prefer remote area camping to tea-house treks, because, I wish the tourists to explore remote places of Nepal which are least traveled. It gives a rare chance for them to observe the unadulterated lifestyle of village pupils.

On the field

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