GUIDE PROFILE: Kim Rana, An only Nepali with a Korean Name

Kim Rana is the most jocular person in the team of professional trek guides in Nepal.

Kim Rana

Kim Rana


Full Name: Kim Rana
Birth: Gorkha
Career: Trek Guide
Expertise: Trekking, Sightseeing, Culture
Interests: Traveling & Music

Kim in Person

Early Age

Kim hails from the historic Gorkha village of Nepal. A Gurkha,  he completed his school and immediately joined his brother, Hom Rana who is also a trek guide, in tourism. Most of his relatives belong to Military, therefore, studying was the distant thing in his family. According to Kim, every man’s ambition from his village is to complete Eight Grade and join the military. He tried enlisting in the British Army from Nepal but failed, therefore, he chose Tourism instead. Even though a second option, it was the wisest choice he made. He famously jokes about his name’s resemblance to common Korean name ‘Kim.’

An elder from my native village gave me this name after I was born. My name supposedly has many astrological and cultural significance.

A village lad, Kim loves singing, listening and dancing to Dohori (folk) tunes.


Kim first started as a trek porter after completing his secondary school. It was an extremely difficult task he says, he had to carry 45 kgs for 14 days at Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) trail.

Brian stauffer and Robert hunt with Kim Rana

Brian stauffer and Robert hunt with Kim Rana

He confesses,

It was difficult as time passed. I never envisioned myself working anymore in this profession. The hardship of the trip was enormous. After the trip, I saw celebration and smiles on the faces of the guests which kept me going forever. I loved it.

His first experience as a guide cum porter came in 2000 when he led a Finnish tourist to ABC, which continued for a year. As a full guide, he led an Australian team to Everest Base Camp. Till now, he has led countless of treks in different regions of Nepal. A eloquent and hardworking person, Kim is mentioned in the memoir of Robert Hunt, The Uphill Climb. In an interview with Hindustan Times on Edmund Hillary’s legacy, he said,

Imagine what this region would have been like if Hillary had not done what he did to improve basic facilities in the region (Khumbu). Source

On the field

Hire Kim Rana for your next trip


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