Anton Jankovoy & his Exciting New Video of Nepal

There is a new video about Nepal which has swept the internet users off their feet.

Anton Jankovoy is the artist and his new video captures some of the most exciting scenery from Nepal. Published in Jan 22, the video has attracted 1000+ views and still counting. It’s a must watch!

The slower pace of the video manages to capture the entirety of a certain moment some moments which include cultural dance, sunrise and sunset and a just travel.


A travel photographer by profession and Ukrainian by birth, his interests cover traveling, photography, raw food diet, mysticism, nature etc.

He works with some big agencies and publishing houses around the world, such as; Apple, National Geographic, Getty Images, Yahoo, Discovery, BBC, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Daily Mail, Silverkris Airlines, El Pais, Daily Record, british Digital Photo, Digital SLR Photography Magazine, Photographer, PhotoTravel, PhotoDelo, Himalaya MapHouse, Go Launcher and etc.

According to him,

My only aspiration in a photography is to wake up in everybody realization the meaning of life. That is the only one way to feel this world the way it is and how it was created for us, the way the children see it. Source


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