Remembering Phillip Hughes from atop Everest

Australian cricketer Phillip Hughes

Australian cricketer Phillip Hughes (1988 – 2014) © Getty Images

On November 27, 2014, the cricketing world went to a shock when Australian cricketer Phillip Hughes bid a tragic and untimely farewell from our world after a cricket ball struck him on his head. Just a week sort of his 26th birthday, Hughes was a talented young cricketer from whom Australian cricket expected big things. Such was his talent that the Australian Test captain Michael Clarke predicted him to go on to play 100 tests for Australia. Above all, he was a lovely human being. The cricketing world mourned in his death. The Himalayan country Nepal, an emerging cricketing nation, set out to give its unique tribute for Hughes. On 11 April, it conducted a special tribute cricket match of 63 overs (63 not out being Hughes’ figure on his final match) that was played between two teams containing both Nepalese and Australian cricketers. Good 15,000 people were at the Tribhuvan University Cricket Ground to watch the tribute match which was also televised on national television. The match was high on emotions and as if some special force was in play, the team batting first made 163 runs.

Two playing shirts of deceased Australian cricketer Hughes

The bat and two playing shirts of deceased Australian cricketer Hughes to be carried to the top of the Mount Everest as a symbolic tribute. © Getty Images

Now, the cricket bat of the deceased cricketer along with his two playing jerseys (one test and one ODI jersey) will be carried to the summit of Mt. Everest. Chhurim Sherpa, first woman to climb Mt. Everest twice in same climbing season will do the honors. After the spontaneous outpouring of #putyourbatsout campaign in social media, players and individuals worldwide put out their cricket bats in memory of Phillip Hughes. Chhurim Sherpa will now take Phillip Hughes’ bat to the top of the world and point it to the heavens.

Chhurim Sherpa with CA Chairman Wally Edwards

Chhurim Sherpa with CA Chairman Wally Edwards in Nepal ©

The Everest expedition will start on April 17, weather permitting. After a six days trek to Lukla (2,860m), Chhurim will then head to the Everest Base Camp (5,545m) before gradually scaling up Everest over the period of three weeks. Chhurim is targeting the days between 17-25 May to climb the Everest Summit (8,848m). It will be a fitting tribute to Phillip Hughes that his playing jerseys and bat will reach the top of the world. Chhurim Sherpa plans to return to Kathmandu on May 31. The Australian Embassy in Kathmandu will display Hughes’ jerseys and bat for public viewing.


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