Australian Trekker clarifies, Nepal is Safe for Travel!

Ministry of Tourism of Nepal has released a press statement clarifying that Nepal is safe for the traveling, and encouraged people to visit Nepal soon. Source

Out of 35 trekking destinations, only 2 destinations have been destructed, namely; Langtang and Manaslu circuit trail, and 3 others are rendered unsafe.

The Australian Trekker who has recently been to Nepal has to say about his recent trip to Everest Base Camp. According to him, Nepal is safe for traveling. Those who are considering to trek can do so.

William White (Age 66) from Perth, Australia came to Nepal on May 25. He completed his 14 days trek on June 5, and stayed 2 nights in Kathmandu. An old but spirited man, William told us that he wasn’t worried a bit.

~Video Transcript~

My name is William White. I’m from Perth, Australia.
I have just returned from Base Camp. Everest Base Camp is the very interesting place to go and is possible; we met a young doctor Rachel, and she told us Base Camp “Everest Base Camp” is accessible but except for a small space and time but it is still accessible, and that is the most important thing. “
The trek begun from Lukla, we proceeded up the valley, if I can call it that, it was beautiful. But it a bit of disastrous as far as buildings’ gone … there is plenty of stop over places for a remedial thing water.. food. The accommodation was limited in some places because of the post earthquake situation but there was plenty of accommodation in the mean time. The scene was beautiful ……population, the way the life was simple and it is well worth seeing how hard to work here. I find the trek very challenging, very challenging but it was a worthwhile and the experience of the Nepal country and the mountains as well beautiful.

What is the condition of the route to Everest Base Camp?

William white from Perth Australia

William White, aged 68, from Perth, Australia

The route in my opinion is very safe, but you got to remember this is the mountainous country but it is still possible, and you don’t come here to be afraid from the country, you got to enjoy the country. The country is there to be enjoyed.. the crossing of the bridges is some cases is spectacular cause I never knew there was spans … the size of 100 meters and I was a little bit concerned at a Sir Adman Hillary Bridge. There’s been a new bridge build above it, but is very passable indeed.

I was little bit of concerned but when I see the tour guide walk over it, I said bugger, it that’s for me and I grabbed with my both hands and we proceeded on up the valley through Everest base Camp.
Sad, it was restricted place because there was no visitation back we can call it that….I never had a problems as far as accommodation goes. There were very few people there for a start but the accommodation is there and just actually waiting for the return of the tourist. The effort and the scenery of the country is very very seldom to get a chance to see this unless you come here and a enjoy it.

Did you have reservations about visiting Nepal?

Not at all. I was never worried, I am not easily worried.

What message would you give to fellow travelers looking to visit Nepal?

Well, you got to come here with open mind, I..I came with an open mind and I was ready to take whatever came and I think it’s time people return here. People are trying to rebuild and there are lot of international help coming to the country and it needs more help. Tourist returning and feeling safe that’s the main thing but the bottom line is you will enjoy the country sight.
The passes there was no obstacle for us to pass through to the Mount Everest base camp and the only coming down, I can add, was that Doctor Rachel……this was before Lobuche . She says Everest base camp is accessible expect for a small path but she emphasized it is still possible and I was still possible.

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