American Trekkers clarify, Nepal is Safe for Travel!

Ministry of Tourism of Nepal has released a press statement clarifying that Nepal is safe for the traveling, and encouraged people to visit Nepal soon. Source

Out of 35 trekking destinations, only 2 destinations have been destructed, namely; Langtang and Manaslu circuit trail, and 3 others are rendered unsafe.

The Johnsons from USA recently completed the challenging trek to Everest Base Camp. A Family of four took on a personal mission to enjoy Nepal, despite the crisis situation, and to prove that Nepal is safe and still accessible.

David, Lina, Hunter & Mina Johnson took off for Everest Base Camp on May 28. They spent 14 days on the trail exploring the Khumbu valley, Sherpa culture, mountainous scenery and native cuisines.

~Video Transcript~

David: I’m still here in Kathmandu having just finished 14 days trek to the Everest base camp. With a lot of thinking going to this trip with my family, we all are really happy, we had fabulous time and we felt safe as much as we can in an adventure travel.Hunter: Aw, there’s been a lot of devastation in Nepal. The cover’s been focusing on what broken, and how’s infrastructure in some place. I just want to send this message.

Lisa: Everywhere we went on this trek the shopkeepers and lodge owners and tea houses were all really happy to see us. There was lot of things closed because of the earthquake but there’s also more things closed because there weren’t the tourists here.

Mina: Despite all of our reservations and hesitations, going on this trip went out to be one of the most spectacular, fun and adventure this family has ever taken. We laughed and we howled and we met most fantastic people. We saw scenery that was beyond everything that our camera could capture or words could ever describe, and without a doubt all 4 of us would encourage any friends, family or acquaintances to come on this trek.


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3 thoughts on “American Trekkers clarify, Nepal is Safe for Travel!

  1. Ofcourse trekking and mountg being the life blood of Nepal,to rehabilate Nepal is to continue our trekking trips there but Nepal Govt must also devise ways to check rampant commercialisation

    S S Puri

    • Commercialization isn’t a problem S Singh Puri. Nepal needs to refurbish the entire tourism industry and devise a new plan on how to present it to the international community. Commercialization is essential to pump in capital, manpower and modern ideas.

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