A Travel Company’s Initiative for a Sustainable Community in Nepal

nepal-vision-treks-logoNepal Vision Treks and Expedition, an adventure travel company in Kathmandu, takes immense pride being a community based company which contributes to the growth of the society. After the earthquake of April 25, Nepal Vision Treks (NVT) along with Pioneer Foundation took an initiative to save many lives and sustain the affected community.

On 10th and 14th of June, NVT’s latest effort took them to two remote villages which are heavily affected by the earthquake, namely; Khari village in Dhading and Bungkot in Gorkha. Gorkha and Dhading are among the areas that have taken the severest of the damages in the earthquakes.

Apart from that, NVT also contributed in renovating the roofs of five schools in Gorkha district. Other relief materials, including rice and zinc sheets. NVT family intends to continue contributing in the rebuilding of Nepalese communities post earthquakes.

Relief Materials Distributed

Item Quantity
Rice 15,000 kg
Lentil 1,500 kg
Tents 250
Zinc Sheets 200 bundles
Temporary Shelters 50

Picture Gallery

~Pledge your Support~

You can either pledge your support at PFNepal or NepalVisionTreks


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