5 Interesting Facts about Himalaya

Himalaya may be the most popular mountain range in the world. One of the youngest geological marvel, it covers only 0.4% of the world mass and yet it is the 2nd least explored regions in the world.

It spans 2,400 km (1,500 mi) from Nanga Parbat on the western front to Hindu Kush range in the east. A splendor and pride of many nations, the Himalaya is most sought destination in the world for adventure travel. Mount Everest at 8,850 meters is the highest point of the greater Himalaya range.

It has been a source of life for the billions since ages. The 3 largest rivers of Asia; Indus, Ganges & Brahmaputra, originate from these Himalaya ranges. The birth and sustenance of many civilizations took place under its shadows.

It is famously known as the dwelling place for Gods, and is revered by the Hindus, Buddhists, Bons and Jain alike.

The 2.4 mega meters of the cold mass passes through 6 different Asian nations, namely; Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Burma & China.

Great Himalaya Range

The map of Great Himalaya Range

5 Interesting Facts of Himalaya

  • Himalaya is the 3rd largest deposit of ice and snow in the world. There are approximately 15,000 glaciers located throughout the range, which stores about 12,000 km3 (3,000 cubic miles) of fresh water.
  • It is the youngest among the many mountains in the world. The formation of Himalaya dates back only 70 million years, whereas, Appalachian mountains were formed almost 300 millions years ago.
  • The myth of Yeti, an abominable snowman in English literature, is related to the Himalaya. According to the folklore and locals, the Yeti is a revered as the God by many while other regard it as the mountain guards or wild beast.
  • Geologists have performed tests over years to prove that The Himalayas are geologically alive. The mammoth mountain range is said to be moving approximately 20 mm every year!
  • It spans 2,400 km and covers 6 different countries of South Asia.



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