Post Earthquake: Top 5 Travel Destination In Nepal

Nepal is a country of beautiful landscapes, which tends to offer both the cultural and natural bliss to the tourists. The highest mountains in the world, hundreds of fast flowing rivers all suitable for adventurous sports, multiple wildlife areas for safari and many other unexplored territories; makes Nepal a haven for the holiday-goers.

The 25th April earthquake not only managed to leave a dent on the various tourist destinations in Nepal but also made many tourists think twice before travelling to this small South-Asian nation.  However, the scenario has changed. The countries which had advised its citizens to not travel to Nepal have lifted their travel restriction, many passionate travelers have already been in Nepal in the last 3 months and clarified their safe stay in Nepal. Even the Government of Nepal has released an official statement declaring Nepal is safe for the tourists.

Despite the destruction of two of the most popular trekking trails( Langtang and Manaslu), including numerous cultural heritage sites, Nepal still has other tourist destinations which have been affected none or less by the earthquake.

Top 5 Travel Destination in Nepal

#1 Everest Base Camp
#2 Annapurna Circuit Trek
#3 Pokhara
#4 Chitwan National Park
#5 Lumbini

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