Annapurna Region Declared Safe for Trekking: Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation.

The structural damage on the popular trekking region, the Annapurna region following the earthquake and the aftershocks is very minimal and has been declared safe and open for business. The announcement came after the assessment ‘Damage Assessment of Annapurna Region’ was completed by Miyamoto International, a global structural and earthquake engineering firm.

After the devastating earthquake of April 25, the Department of Tourism (DoT) had invited Miyamoto International to carry out a safety audit of the trekking routes around Annapurna Region and also the Khumbu region, (Everest region).

The Damage assessment of the Annapurna region was conducted with the help of UK aid supported by the SAMARTH programme.

Tulasi Prasad Gautam, Director General of Department of Tourism (DoT) said, “We expect the study to help ease the worries of potential trekkers and it would be easier for them to get travel insurance, which is a major concern for people planning their trip to Nepal at present.

Kit Miyamoto, team leader of the assessment group, said Annapurna Region is open for business for autumn and that the region is completely safe.

Now we can tell the world that trekking in the region is completely safe, independent assessment will help to clear negative message about Nepal in the international market.

       Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation.


#1 Safety audit of a 200-kilometre trail, 30 bridges and 250 accommodations.

#2 Only 3 percent i.e. 6 out of 250 accommodations along the trails have suffered minor repairable damages.

#3 All 30 bridges on the trails are safe.

#4 Only kilometers of the trail in four different sub-sections need to be re-routed due to risk of landslides and boulders falling.

#5 The report has suggested abandon the older section of trail south of Ghasa that leads to the old foot in favor of the road located further west that leads to the newer bridge due to landslide hazard.

#6 All the frequently used tracks should be checked for new failures and rock fall following monsoon rains each year.

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