Authentic Cuisines of Nepal.

Nepal, a multi ethnic, small South Asian nation possesses unique and most delicious foods in the entire world. Every ethnic group living in the country has its own kind of food culture, which provides tons of food choices for the tourists. The authentic Nepali cuisines are not only good in taste but they also reflect the wide range of traditions, cultures and lifestyles of Nepal.

So next time when you are in Nepal, this are definitely the 7 most desirable cuisine you have to try.

7 Must Try Food in Nepal

#1 Dhal Bhat (Rice & Lentil)

#2 Ethnic Newari Cuisine “Samya Baji”


#4 Sel Roti

#5 Yomari

#6 Chatamari

#7 JuJu Dhau (Yogurt)

Learn about the 7 must try Authentic Cuisine of Nepal.[Play slide directly]


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