The Highway to Everest

Nepal government has decided to build a motorable road passing though the Everest region (Khumbu). Initiated in 2014, the road has already reached Taksindu and is suggested to be extended across Dudh Koshi by 2016.

Lukla is the only passage which serves as the entry to the Everest region. The passage via Jiri is frugally used, therefore, Lukla serves as the sole transit for transporting tourists as well as goods and services.

The decision to build a highway came after the uproar from the locals of Khumbu who proposed the state to build a linkable road, so goods and services can be transported easily and at cheaper cost.

Khumbu locals have urged the government to extend the planned road to Chaurikharka, which lies 2 km from Surkhe. Surkhe lies at an elevation of 2,289 m.

Many experts and tourists are in opinion against building any road in Everest. The new road passes through the Everest trail first used by Everest expedition of 1953, therefore, the historic site is known for trekking or a foot trip. The move may render the area inaccessible for tourists who wish to trek throughout the region in peace and solitude.


After the recent earthquake, the region was temporarily closed for the tourists. The government has decided to open the trail for the upcoming trekking season beginning in September. The Miyamoto team from US has declared the trail safe, except for few buildings and centers.

What do you think?


3 thoughts on “The Highway to Everest

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  2. If it’s going to benefit the people who live there, then of course build the road. Tourists who complain that it affects their visitor experience are selfish beyond belief.

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