1,635 Trekkers have Arrived in Nepal Post-Earthquake

The data collected by Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) & TAAN suggests, 1,635 individual trekkers have already trekked in Nepal since April 25. The data has been acquired from TIMS registration. One must register for TIMS before commencing any trek.

The number is supposedly down by 80% compared to the same time last year when NTB issued 8,854 TIMS card.

Ramesh Adhikari of NTB recently said,

Nepal has not closed any trekking area after the earthquake. We have been providing TIMS cards to interested trekker. After the earthquake, Annapurna Region has become the most preferred destination of trekkers.

Miyamoto International, a global engineering firm based in US, has recently concluded in their reports that Annapurna and Everest trails are safe for trekking, except for few houses and sections which are still prone to accident.

The Autumn season is almost here. The season is considered the best time for outdoor activities in Nepal, therefore, bringing in more than half of the total tourists in a year. The tourism stakeholders and local service providers are in hope of recovering the tourism and economy in the upcoming season.

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