NEWS: Inexperienced Climbers to be Banned

The dream of reaching the top of the world may come to end for many because Nepalese Government will introduce ban to inexperienced, disable, old and very young people and lone mountaineer from attempting Everest to increase the safety, lessen crowding and maintain the glory of the mountain.


Hillary Step, final hurdle before the Everest Summit.

Climbing permit to the Everest will only be given to those who can prove they have scaled mountains higher than 6,500 meters.

Young [under 18], Old [Over 75] and Disable people will also face a ban on scaling the 8848 meter world’s highest summit.

The rule will be implemented from the spring season which is the busiest season, where hundreds of climber from across the world will attempt to summit the tallest mountain of the earth.

We cannot let everyone go on Everest and die. If they are not physically and mentally fit it will be like a legal suicide. – Kripasur Sherpa, Tourism Minister

Once Everest only attracted the world’s best and most experienced mountaineers. Now everyone is going to Everest, levels of risk for all involved had become much higher. In recent years Everest has seen aspiring summiteers who are using basic mountaineering equipment for the first time.

Ang Tshering Sherpa, president of Nepal Mountaineering Association said ” So I doubt this will be implemented. Earlier such plans were aborted because of pressure from human rights organisations and foreign embassies.

Supporting the new age bar and rule of ban on novice and disable climbers Ang Tshering added ” anyone disabled [who] can go on his or her own” to the summit of Everest but “those who need personal assistance or to be carried to reach the top should not venture on the peak.

He even pointed out by saying China still does not allow climber who are under 17 years old or above 75 year to climb Everest from the northern side.

Government set New Rules for mountaineers
  • Nepal is considering to ban lone mountaineers from climbing peaks, including Everest.
  • Nepali climbers, however, can apply for a climbing permit after successfully completing a basic mountaineering training of at least 30 working days.
  • Pregnant women, as well as persons with severe illnesses ranging from cancer, diabetes, hypertension, depression and respiratory infection, shall not be allowed to work as liaison officers.
  • Sirdars, mountain guides and high-altitude workers who accompany expedition members shall get certificates after summiting mountains.
  • Chopper ride above base camp to be restricted, however, choppers can ferry rope-fixing equipment and conduct emergency evacuations
  • Climber above the age of 75 and below 16, disabled and visually impaired to be banned from scaling mountains including everest.
  • Climbers must scale a 7000 meter peak to qualify to for any 8000 meter peak.

DoT’s Director General Sudarshan Prasad Dhakal claimed that DoT would forward its amendment proposal to the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation for further action.


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