Tiger Conservation in Nepal Infographic

Tiger conservation program is a recent undertaking of WWF and other responsible stakeholders in order to prevent depletion and increase the number of Royal Bengal Tigers in the wild.

There are estimated total of 3,200 Bengal tigers left in the world, with 198 tigers in Nepal alone.  With the commitment of doubling their numbers by 2022, WWF in 2010 organized ‘The Year of Tiger.’ The relentless conservation programs and prevention of poaching and human encroachment has helped to increase their number in Nepal, while setting an example for other countries to initiate similar strategy and protection programs in their country.

World Wildlife Fund has published an infographic highlighting the status of tigers in the world, more precisely in Nepal, from 1950 to 2015.

Tiger Conservation Status (1950-2015)

Tiger Conservation Status (1950-2015)

Download Infographic 


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