Nepal a must see destination for 2016: Nat Geo

Nepal has been listed in the must be and the coolest place to visit in 2016 [Ranked 6th] by Nat Geo and Frobes, the two global leading magazines. A trip to Nepal is a must go, once-in-a-lifetime adventure and keep in mind Once is never enough in case of Nepal.

Tourist numbers to Nepal plummeted by 85 percent after the devastating earthquakes, but the country is once more open for business and safe to visit.” said National Geographic Traveller magazine.

Phewa Lake

Phewa Lake, Pokhara

The country which totally relies on tourism, now is the time to witness the country’s glorious rebirth. There has not been a better time to support Nepal with yours tourism dollar than 2016. Visiting Nepal is one of the best possible way to help Nepal recover from the earthquake.

Selected by the group of writers, editors and travel expert there is no reason for questioning, Is It Safe to Travel Nepal?

When to Go : Autumn peak season (late Sept to late Nov), when the weather is clear and dry, and neither too cold. Winter (Dec & Jan) is mostly clear and stable. Perfect time to visit the terai part of the country. Spring (Feb to mid-April) is the second tourist season, with its warmer weather and longer days.

Plan Your Trip : Visit Nepal Vision [Nepal : Land of Himalayas]


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