The Ultimate Travel Bucket list for 2016.

New Year always brings new hope and a new beginning. A brand new chapter in life’s waiting to be written and new questions are to be asked. So why not try something different this 2016, something adventurous. Why not travel and explore to some of the least explored regions of the world and live the adventure.

Our expert travel managers have searched far and wide and identified places that all deserve a spot at the top of your bucket list in 2016. Who Knows they all might be your dream destination!!

Everest “Base Camp”

Yes we are talking about the highest peak in the world. Standing tall at 8848 meters [i.e. 29,029 feet] is a must see once in a lifetime.

There are many ways you can reach the Everest Base Camp, among the many alternative most of the trekker prefer the Classic Everest trail or the North Base Camp via Tibet which is easily accessible by road.

Trekkers usually fly from Kathmandu to Lukla [Tenzing hillary airport one of the most dangerous airport of the world] to start their trek whereas the North Base Camp; the tibet side it is a different story. The North Base Camp is accessed by vehicle through a 100 km road branching to the South from the Friendship Highway.

The best time to visit Everest is in the spring April to mid-June and autumn September to November

Bhutan “Land of Thunder Dragons”

The Land of Dragons Bhutan is one of the least explored place by foreign tourist. Almost completely cut off for centuries bhutan is known for its monasteries, fortress and impressive topography from subtropical plains to steep mountains and valley.

Top Places to Visit in Bhutan

Rich in hospitality and quality service, the primary attraction in Bhutan is it’s natural beauty and century old manmade cultural treasures.

You can Visit Bhutan in any time of the year, however the Monsoon [June, July & August] is not recommended due to the wet conditions.

Learn more @ Bhutan Travel Guide.

Lhasa “The Overland Tour”

Overland tours in Tibet offer some of the most exciting sightseeing experiences of Himalaya and high-altitude valleys. Tibet which is still largely unexplored, makes a perfect destination for adventure seekers and holidayers.

Glimpses of the “overland tour”

Tibet is open all around the calendar and one can visit Tibet any time they want. Best time to visit Tibet is in the summer or the early winter – from April to November.

The “Annapurna” Region

In the North West of Nepal, Annapurna Region is one of the most visited and has some of the world’s best trekking routes. Paradise to trekkers, this region is one of the wettest, driest and the windiest places in Nepal. Describe as heaven on earth by many trekkers and nature lover, Annapurna region is visited three times more than any other trekking destination in Nepal.

Home to several world-class treks

The months between March to May (spring) and September to December (autumn) are the best months to trek the Annapurna region. The days will be warm and nights will be generally cold with cool breezes.

Everest “Heli Tour”

Join the adventure and fun exploring the astonishing vistas of the Himalayas. Taking a helicopter tour over the Himalayas is a truly outstanding venture, filled with awe-inspiring surroundings and glorious peaks.

A lifetime experience 

Everest Heli tour

This memorable “Everest Heli tour” aerial journey takes you to the most iconic place of the World’s

The Everest Helicopter tour is one of the easy and the best way to see the mighty Everest up close and personal. March to May and September to November are the best months for Everest Heli tour, where the sky is clear with some breathtaking views.

Gokyo Valley

Gokyo Valley a valley in the shadow of four 8000ers including Everest is undoubtedly is one of the most popular trekking destinations for adventure enthusiasts around the globe.

Popular offbeat treks

See Everest and its surrounding from a different perspective. Beside the 4 8000er’s the other highlight of Gokyo valley trek is the turquoise glacial lakes; which are walkable during winter. The best month to visit Gokyo is September to November and March to May.

Nepal’s Remote Region 

Nepal’s remote Himalayan region is always the great query for the adventure. The high-altitude valleys, untouched Shangri-Las and pockets of pristine Himalayan culture is what the remote regions of Nepal are known for.

Remarkable gems in the Himalaya

The remote regions of Nepal provide you with the fabulous mountain scenery, ranged from the high-altitude Trans-Himalayan deserts of Upper Mustang and upper Dolpo to the deep jungle gorges of Manaslu to Kanchenjunga and one of the largest lakes of Nepal, Rara Lake.

Explore more remote corners of the himalaya >> Here

Mt. Kailash “Spiritual Journey to Tibet”  

Mt Kailash trek can be one of the best adventure-travels for the trekkers. The trek aims to introduce you to the colorful and culturally rich city of Lhasa “The Forbidden City,” along with observing local landscapes and tribal found in Kailash region.

Kailash trek will suit best for those looking to travel the isolated valleys of Himalaya. The best month for the spiritual trek is from March to October.

Only Dreams Give Birth to Change!!

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