12 Things Not to Miss in Nepal

Nepal is considered one of the most loved trekking destinations of the world. And for the fareshare it is the best way to explore Nepal’s natural and cultural wonders. Almost 90% of tourist visit Nepal for the sole purpose of trekking.

Beside trekking here are some of the things not to miss during your stay. Staying on for at least a few days to explore this vibrant, colourful country is worth it.

#1 Thamel “tourist mecca

thamel kathmandu

Thamel boasts a lifestyle different from the rest of greater Kathmandu. The dingy bars, loud western music, trance parties and posh diners give the real impression of the city. 

#2 MoMo”an addictive snack

Momo nepal

Find them anywhere from street stalls to fancy restaurant. Momo is basically a meat or veggie dumpling served with dipping sauce made from tomato. 

#3 Elephant Bathing

elephant bathing

One of the most entertaining activities for tourist in Chitwan National Park. You can join the fun just remember they are one of the heaviest land mammal.  

#4 Rickshaw Ride

Rickshaw ride nepal

Hop in and prepare yourself for a thrill ride. Rickshaw Ride is one of the cheapest way to explore the old towns of kathmandu. Make sure you settle on a price and length of journey beforehand.

#5 Rafting or Bungee

Love Adventure!! Pedel down some of the fast flowing rivers or jumping into a 160 meter vertical drop..it’s your choice. Both are a must do adventure.

#6 Chiya “tea”

Nepali tea chiya

Stop by into a local roadside tea stall [they are the best] and take a sip of hot,sweet,milky & spicy Chiya.

#7 Bus Ride “Make it Local”

Local bus ride]

Ride on a public bus may be uncomfortable, crowded but they get you close to everyday life.

#8 A day in Bhaktapur

Bhaktapur durbar square

Bhaktapur a well as preserved ancient city that is itself a world to explore for tourists. Home of traditional art and architecture, historical monuments and craft works.

#9 Boating in Fewa Lake

phewa lake boating

Rent a boat, lay back and relax in the clam and peaceful fewa lake with the stunning view of the Annapurna Range.

#10 The Himalayas


Even if you don’t go trekking, you cannot miss the wonderful and Majestic mountains ranges. Tips: Nagarkot [outside Kathmandu valley] a classic view point, Sarangkot [outside Pokhara] or Mountain flights are the best possible way.

#11 Festivals

festivals of nepal

Be a part of some of the most colourful & vibrant festivals in Nepal. More than 50 plus festivals are celebrated each year,  no matter which time of the year you visit, Nepal promises a rewarding festive experience. 

#12 Sunrise & Sunset


Delight yourself with some of the best and never before experienced sunrise/sunset in the Himalaya of Nepal.

If Nepal Does Not Bring Smile to Your Face Every Single Day,then You are a Lost Cause. -Jack Witts

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