The Swedish Adventurer; Göran Kropp

Göran Kropp was a Swedish adventurer and mountaineer, whose unimaginable feats include, cycling from Sweden to Nepal and back; climbing Everest twice without the bottled oxygen and racing in Formula III Series.

Life & Achievements

Göran Kropp

Göran Kropp

A former paratrooper, Kropp admired mountaineering since childhood. His first climb was at the age of 6 on the Galdhøppigen, the highest mountain in Norway, however, the first major peak he ever climbed came to be the Lenin Peak (7,134 m) at the age of 22. His passion for climbing took him to various mountains, including; Cho oyu, K2 and Mount Everest.

He climbed the Everest twice in his lifetime. The first time he did it was in 1996 without the use of Oxygen or guiding Sherpas, and the second time he made it with his longtime girlfriend, Renata Chlumska.

Maybe you know that Goran Kropp departed his hometown of Jonkoping, Sweden, one October day in 1995 on a bicycle. That on that bicycle he carried 285 pounds of gear and he was bound for a place on earth 6,000 miles away: Mount Everest. Maybe you also know that he got there the following May, and happened to be at Everest base camp the day the mountain saw tragedy (1996 Everest Tragedy) unfold in a way it never had in the history of alpine climbing.

Along with the climbing, Goran invested his time on racing in Formula III series too. A humble and a true philanthrope, he, along with Wongchu Sherpa, founded Göran Kropp Bishwa Darshan Primary School in Chyangba, Khumbu, which serves 165 pupils and eight teachers.

Unfortunately, he didn’t live long to add more adventurers to his list. He passed away at the age of 35 while doing a routine climb in Washington state when his protection zippered out of the rock.



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