6 of the Most Exotic Locations from Game of Thrones

It’s really hard to find someone who isn’t a fan or hasn’t heard about Game of Thrones. The most popular TV Series ever made, GoT has garnered millions of viewers for its fantasy, revenge, sex and complex drama.

The locations where the scenes have been shot are equally the unique selling point of the series. From the volcanic island of Iceland to the exotic Malta, here are 6 of the most exotic locations from your favorite TV series.

#1 Mdina, Malta (King’s Landing Season I)

#2 Dubrovnik, Croatia (King’s Landing Season IV-V)

#3 Seville, Spain (Dorne)

#4 Morocco (Dothraki Land/Mereen)

#5 Castle Ward, Downpatrick (Winterfell)

#6 Höfðabrekkuheiði, Iceland (The Wall)

~GoT Season VI Trailer~

Game of Thrones Season VI will be aired from April 24, 2016  @HBO


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