One Year After Nepal Earthquake – Langtang Valley

The remote scenic high-altitude valley bordering with Tibet, Langtang was one of the most affected trekking region due to the April earthquake and its aftershocks.

The April 2015 Nepal Earthquake killed over 8,000 people and injured more than 21,000. According to The Himalayan Times as many as 20,000 foreign nationals may have been visiting Nepal at the time of the earthquake, however reports of foreign casualties were comparatively low.

Nepal received 251,148 fewer tourists in 2015, representing a sharp drop of 31.78 percent compared to the 2014 figure.

A year after the worst earthquake in the history of Nepal the trekking routes are once again crowded, the streets of Thamel are full of life with tourist and climbers are returning to Everest.

Langtang Region was devastated by the April earthquake, the avalanche triggered by the earthquake swept the entire village and killing at least 300 people. Below are the before and after picture of langtang valley showing the near-complete destruction of Langtang village due to the avalanche.

Langtang before april earthquake

Langtang before april earthquake © David Breahshears/GlacierWorks

Langtang After Earth quake

Langtang after april earthquake © David Breahshears/GlacierWorks

However reconstruction works have gone accordingly and tourists are gradually heading back to the Langtang region. Currently, around 10 tourists including domestic ones, visit Langtang on a daily basis. Process of reconstruction of the damaged routes has been started and is near completion. Many hotels have come into operation in Langtang, Sindhum and Kyanjin which operates 35 hotels alone. (source)

In 2014, 12,552 tourists visited the Langtang National Park, currently around 10 tourist visit langtang daily.

one year after nepal earthquake langtang valley

A local hold poster of a hotel that was buried by the April 25 earthquake-induced avalanche in Langtang. © The Himalayan Times

Survivors and relatives of victims, more than 200 people, trekked to Langtang from Syafrubensi marking the first anniversary, 25th April 2016, of the devastating earthquake to pay their tribute to their beloved. A ceremony was organised as per the Buddhist tradition praying for the departed souls and the world peace.

Langtang mourns quake victims

People observe silence at Langtang marking the first anniversary of April 25 earthquake, on Monday, April 25, 2016. © The Himalayan Times

Now over 150 community members have returned to rebuild. The old village has been wiped out, but the new ones are slowly coming up. In spite of what has happened, Langtang is still a beautiful place. Breathtaking beautiful valleys, gorgeous Himalayan vistas and beautiful pine forest still make Langtang a popular destination for trekkers.

Here is a complete guide for Trekking in Langtang Region.

Gosaikunda Lake langtang trek

Gosaikunda Lake an alpine freshwater oligotrophic lake in Langtang National Park, located at an altitude of 4,380 m.

The trekking paradise Nepal is once again back in the global map of tourism. Trekkers Association of Nepal (TAAN) and Nepal Tourism Board(NTB) have confirmed Langtang and all the other trekking routes are safe for trekking and is already open for business.

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